Job placement
We have a huge membership base that allows more matching possibilities that could spoil a company for choices. We have the experience to achieve placement in industries that provide the greatest challenge in sourcing and processing like the security industry. We hope to contribute to your people asset in the levels of Officers, Executives and mass recruitment positions.
Mass Placements / Projects
We are established and have a track record of supplying manpower to many MNCs and SMEs locally in Singapore. Our client business interest ranges from the port operation, logistics to retail sector. We are strong in the field of supplying the “masses” to our clients. Eg. Crane Operators, Port workers, Drivers, Logistics Asst, Technicians and Retailers.
Overseas Placements
Drawing on our extensive network, we worked with established recruitment partners over the region. We are proud to share that our clients were happy with the result achieved. Malaysia ,Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and China are some countries where our contacts are.
With a strong team of experienced industry trainers, we offer a diverse range of professional development courses to help working professionals acquire technical as well as soft skills required for them to move up in their career.
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